Emily’s Green Life is a lifestyle blog where I share my love for natural beauty and skincare products, as well as simple and healthy lifestyle choices. I want to share the story of how I became vegan, gluten free and a total green beauty junkie, and why.

I found out that I had Celiac disease in 2010; this news was surprisingly good news, at least now I knew why I was constantly sick every time I ate. I then removed gluten from my diet and slowly started to feel much better, my pain subsided and I began to feel good when I would eat food, instead of constantly feeling sick. However, the sickness never really completely went away. As the years went on, I would still periodically get sick when I ate; I would have terrible heart burn and shooting pains in my stomach. I assumed it was due to eating greasy or unhealthy food, I mean I wasn’t eating gluten, so what else could it be?

About a year ago I had gotten so fed up with feeling sick and disgusting every time I would eat, it was making me not even enjoy eating because I knew that I would instantly get sick from it. I decided that I wanted to start eating cleaner and more natural, so I took to the internet and YouTube, like most people do, and started researching clean eating videos and good natural foods to eat. During this time of research I came across several YouTubers that used and advocated natural green and clean beauty products. This wasn’t what I had initially intended to research, but I somehow got sucked into the world of green beauty and became completely fascinated and obsessed with it. I started looking for more channels to follow and books to buy as well as beginning the transition from conventional products to green products of my own. This obsession took over my life for a while and it’s all I could talk about to my friends and family, which I am sure was a bit annoying. Anyway, I began following some vegan YouTubers and noticed that others that I watched/followed tended to eat a vegan or semi vegan lifestyle. I began thinking that this may be what I should do, but I didn’t really have any real evidence that this would help me feel better. Besides, I was a hardcore cheese lover at the time. Meanwhile, I kept the idea in the back of my mind. I continued to try to eat healthy whole foods and good fats, but I still felt sick after a majority of the meals I ate.

Eventually, after several fainting spells my mom made me go to the doctor. While there, I learned that some food allergies can cause fainting, so I scheduled a blood test to check it out. Sure enough, three weeks later I went back to the doctor and was handed a small index card that listed the MANY things that I had an allergy/intolerance to. This list included: milk, cheese, red meat, pork, egg whites, egg yolks, garlic and obviously gluten. This list was a shock, but yet again, sort of a relief; finally an answer to all my problems. This is why I was getting sick; I was basically allergic to everything I ate! I cut all dairy and eggs out of my diet and started feeling so much better, I barely ever got sick after a meal at all. I began researching veganism since I was almost a vegan. I still ate chicken and fish at the time. I read articles and watched videos and started watching a ton of YouTubers and watched their journey to veganism and their passion for it, and it made me start to think, why the hell am I still eating chicken and fish? I cut out all other animal products and feel amazing, why am I still eating these two? I also watched several documentaries that were extremely informative and eye opening and I realized that even though I could still eat meat, why would I want to? Why would I want to contribute to such a harmful and inhumane industry? I then decided to become a full on vegan and I haven’t looked back since.

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