Homemade Holiday Gift Guide

I think that homemade gifts are a great idea for Christmas, or really any time you are going to give a gift to someone. Making someone a gift shows that you took the time to think of them and what they might like; you actually spent time thinking about and making something for someone else besides yourself, and that’s always a nice feeling. Another great reason to make homemade gifts is that most of the time they are consumable gifts, meaning something you can eat or use. I love getting gifts that have a practical or good use and you are sure to use and not just let it set in your closet collecting dust and taking up space in your house and your life. I have been trying to live a more minimalistic life, in all aspects as of late, and a nice homemade gift that you can use is a perfect way to enjoy a holiday gift.

Plus homemade gifts are generally cheaper, so obviously, my broke self is going to hop on that train.

This year for Christmas I decided to make mostly food gifts. I am making Chex Mix and cookies for all of my friends and family. I am also making infused apple pie bourbon for the men in my family, instead of the cookies; I just thought they might like that a bit better.Holiday Gift Idea GraphicFood is a great gift for Christmas or birthdays since they are consumable gifts, as I mentioned before, and you can almost be sure the person you are giving it to will use/eat it up. Homemade salsa is an easy and good gift as well. You could include some chips and maybe a small bottle of tequila to make it a fiesta. If you are into making beer or wine that would be a good gift as well and you could customize the flavors, based upon whom you are giving it to and what they like.

But, homemade gifts don’t always have to be food. A body or foot scrub is always a great gift for a hardworking friend or family member that needs to take some time to relax. I have a body scrub recipe on my blog you could check out, it is super simple to make, and you could decorate the container and make a label for it which would make it seem even more personalized and special.

Candles are also a great gift for anyone! My brother makes candles every year for Christmas; here is where he gets his supplies.

A nice homemade oil blend is an amazing gift also. I have a recipe for a calming blend, but you could just take the basics from that and switch up the essential oils you use to make a completely customized and special blend for anyone this holiday season. A nice holiday blend, with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, orange and fir, or some combination of those oils, would be a great oil to diffuse this winter season. With the colder weather coming, an oil blend including lavender, tee tree, thyme, peppermint, eucalyptus, or rosemary would be a great defense again the cold and flu season.

If you are artistic or creative, making a painting or some type of home décor would be a wonderful gift as well. You could try to match the existing décor in your friend or family members home and make something that will fit in with what they already own. A photograph that you have taken, a painting, a birdhouse or any other piece they may enjoy and want to display in their home.

While flowers or plants aren’t actually homemade they are still great thoughtful and beautiful gifts. If you know someone who is in to gardening or cooking an herb garden would be an amazing and practical gift for him or her. Along those same lines, someone who is in to holistic health may enjoy an Aloe Vera plant.

No matter what you decide to make or give to your family and friends for the holiday season, as long as you make it with their interests in mind, they are sure to love it, because you made it just for them.

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3 thoughts on “Homemade Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Great ideas!! I love creating special person gifts for family and friends. I will say at times when making gifts, artsy paintings, knitted hats, mittens etc.. I have gone Over budget….. canvas, paints, yarn, food supplies etc…
    I now start creating early in the year for the next Christmas in less it is a food gift… This has allowed me to get needed supplies on sale, budget my monies through out the year.
    I’m loving reading your blog posts, you are a talented writer.
    Linda C.

  2. LOVE this article always make special time to read your blog cause I know it’s gonna be interesting merry Christmas and thanks for GREAT ideas

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