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I have to admit I try not to shop too much, but sometimes you just want a new dress or a killer pair of shoes that will make you feel extra special or cool. When those moments happen there is really nothing you can do, but go shopping. So when the inevitable happens, lately I have been loving Francesca’s, a small boutique located within my local mall. All of their clothes feel heavy and durable, nothing cheap or flimsy that will fall apart or shrink after a few washings and so far I have been right. Since the clothes are a bit nicer there, some of the items tend to have special washing instructions, which I find a bit tedious but realize that it will help keep my clothes looking new and fresh for longer, so I follow them. I also try not to wash them unless absolutely necessary, because I’m lazy.

The store is pretty small, but has a good selection of clothing for its size. I actually like that it has less clothes, it isn’t as overwhelming as some department stores can be with their endless amounts of racks that seem to have a zero organizational method whatsoever. Also, I overheard while shopping and being a nosey eavesdropping customer that the store only receives six copies of each item they carry and once they sell out, they don’t order anymore. I am almost positive this is correct, since I was pretending not to listen, I can only be ninety percent sure of this statement. They do however have an online store and multiple locations, so it’s not like it is completely gone off the face of the earth, but still its better than showing up to a party wearing the same thing as ten other people; this way you will only be wearing the same thing as five other people.

I think I like their clothing so much because it feels more grown up and by grown up I mean higher quality fabrics and designs than I am use to, as well as sleeker and cleaner styles. They carry a lot of dresses which I love, because dresses are the easiest and quickest outfit to throw on for me, one and done, and out the door. There is no guess whether this shirt goes with those pants or if my skirt clashes with my blouse, all I have to worry about is what shoes to wear, which, let’s face it can sometimes be a huge ordeal within itself.

Every item that I have bought here I can see being a basic staple in my wardrobe for years to come. This is exactly what I have been aiming for recently with my clothing and style. I want less clothes in general, but want to invest in good high-quality basics and even a few statement pieces that I know will be in style for a while and will stand up to the test of time/wear and tear over the years. I don’t want to get lost in my options of outfits choices. I would rather just be able to throw something on that I know is comfortable, high-quality and versatile and run out the door. I am sick of spending hours picking out my clothes for the week and am ready to just have simple pieces of clothing and a simple, yet fashionable style that I can wear every day without any hassle and that is how I view their clothing here, at least the items that I am attracted too anyway.

They also frequently have sales, such as buy one get one half off of anything in the store, 30 percent off shoes or 30 percent off sweaters. I think that it is a great store with good clothing that I like for both their designs and value.

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