Restaurant Snapshot: Meli Cafe Chicago, IL

Meli Café is a chic and surprisingly fancy little café. Don’t let the sleek décor fool you; it is a very affordable place to grab breakfast/brunch. On their website it says they also serve lunch and dinner, but I have only eaten there in the morning, and honestly I think that this place screams brunch. It is attached to a hotel, which I think adds to its fancy brunch feeling. The restaurant was classy and very nice, without being too expensive; it was very moderately priced for the quality and portion size of the meals. Meli Café has three locations in Chicago. I went to the Dearborn location, which fortunately or unfortunately, however you want to look at it, is the only location that offers their fresh juice blends. The other two locations are on Halsted and Wells.

They have a great selection of breakfast foods, and many meals come with the option to be gluten free, as well as quite a few vegan and vegetarian options as well, which is always nice. They actually had a separate section on the menu highlighting the vegan and gluten free options. I like when restaurants set aside a section of the menu, instead of just mixing them in with the rest of the food and you have to hunt down the items you can eat. They did also have gluten free and vegetarian options scattered throughout the menu, I just thought that the separate section was very considerate and nice of them. I finally, after a long debate with myself, decided on the vegan and gluten free French toast. Let me tell you, it was amazing. It comes with fresh berries and bananas on top, along with agave syrup. Personally I thought that the French toast was sweet and moist enough without the syrup, so I didn’t even use it, but I bet it would have added even more sweetness and goodness to the dish. I also got a cup of coffee, which by the way was really good, just in case you were wondering.

The café also had a selection of fresh juices that all sounded amazing, but unfortunately I didn’t get to try one out. The juice I was eyeing and ultimately decided not to get was the Pure Gold blend. It contained Pineapple, Carrot, Apple and Ginger, which sounded great and I still regret not getting it. I thought that this restaurant was great and I can’t wait to go back to try out more breakfast/brunch dishes and hopefully a few of their fresh juice blends.


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