Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels

I have quite a few YouTube channels that I watch on a regular basis and I really like them all. I watch all of them for a particular reason and I find YouTube to be a very helpful and informative tool. I watch food and health channels, cooking channels, beauty channels, daily life vlogs and exercise channels. I have found many new beauty and skincare products that I love through YouTube as well as great recipes and helpful and motivational tips on how to be a healthy vegan. I also have gained motivation and a dedication to exercise and follow my dreams, through some of the channels I watch. I may be a bit obsessed and crazy, but I do think that YouTube is a very helpful and useful online community. So, without further ado, here, in no particular order, are my top 5 favorite YouTube channels.

Casey Niestat

This is the only channel on my list that has absolutely nothing to do with beauty, health or skincare at all, but I just really like his channel and watch his daily vlogs everyday, so I figured he should probably make the list. He is fun, real and human. It is refreshing to see someone who is so honest and genuine on YouTube. I find him to be very interesting and motivating. He does what he loves no matter what and he is unapologetic about it, which I love. I like his ambition and his drive, and hope to have that someday about something. He just seems like a great guy and I love watching his daily vlogs. I like starting my day with them. He also lives in New York, which I also love. I lived there two summers ago and I desperately want to move back soon, so I love being able to see the city and places he likes to visit there.

L’amour et la musique

She is a natural beauty vlogger that is very honest and blunt, and I love it. She isn’t afraid to say if she hates a product or rave about it excessively if she loves it. I love when people are completely honest about their opinions on things, it just makes it much easy to know if you will like a product or not. I also love her personality and the way she does her makeup. I love watching her videos even though most of them are really long and I normally split them up into two separate viewing sessions; I really enjoy watching her videos. She just seems so relatable and I like listening to her and her stories. She does use conventional products at times, but she does let you know that they are not natural and usually lists the EWG rating as well, which is great. I just like the vibes that she gives off. I don’t really know how to explain it, but yeah.


This channel uses the least amount of natural products out of the rest of them on my list, but she does use and review them. She uses a lot of conventional brands as well, but I really like her so I just don’t pay much attention to the conventional products and just watch her other videos and vlogs. She is very down to earth and seems very nice. I also love her hair; sorry if that’s weird, but she is also a red head and I just love how she styles it. I also think that most of the makeup tutorials and products she uses will work well for me as well since we have the same hair color and pale skin tone. I like knowing that I might be able to pull off the stuff she does and look decent where as other vloggers who have a completely different hair color and skin tone than me and the makeup may not look as good on me. She explains things in a very detailed and simple way that is easy to understand and I trust her reviews completely. This doesn’t mean that I get, or want everything she raves about, but at least I can tell that it is honest and true so when I do decide to get something, I’m confident in my purchase. She also introduced me to both Casey Niestat and L’amour et la musique’s channels, that are also on this list.

Kendra Atkins

She is one of the first natural/nontoxic beauty bloggers I stumbled upon when I started trying to go more natural. I found most of my first used products from her channel. She does use makeup products that are not as natural, but most of her skincare products are good. She is also sensitive to gluten so she has good snack ideas that I like to watch. I also just love her style and her hair, it’s just so long and flowy and great, but anyway she has good tutorials and she makes sure to explain everything in a lot of detail and I appreciate that. This is a good channel to watch when you are just starting out switching up your products to more natural alternatives.

Shannon Sullivan

She has celiac disease and is also allergic to dairy, so we have quite a bit in common. I love watching her food haul and recipe videos because they really help me to get a better/new idea of what I could be making or buying. It is really helpful especially when you just feel stuck in a rut of the same food over and over again. She also has good picks for skincare products that I have bought and really enjoyed. She uses almost exclusively natural/nontoxic/organic skincare and beauty products, which is great, because I never have to wonder or look up to make sure that it is a more natural product, like I do with other vlog channels.

Other channels that I love, but didn’t make the list:



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Restaurant Snapshot: Meli Cafe Chicago, IL

Meli Café is a chic and surprisingly fancy little café. Don’t let the sleek décor fool you; it is a very affordable place to grab breakfast/brunch. On their website it says they also serve lunch and dinner, but I have only eaten there in the morning, and honestly I think that this place screams brunch. It is attached to a hotel, which I think adds to its fancy brunch feeling. The restaurant was classy and very nice, without being too expensive; it was very moderately priced for the quality and portion size of the meals. Meli Café has three locations in Chicago. I went to the Dearborn location, which fortunately or unfortunately, however you want to look at it, is the only location that offers their fresh juice blends. The other two locations are on Halsted and Wells.

They have a great selection of breakfast foods, and many meals come with the option to be gluten free, as well as quite a few vegan and vegetarian options as well, which is always nice. They actually had a separate section on the menu highlighting the vegan and gluten free options. I like when restaurants set aside a section of the menu, instead of just mixing them in with the rest of the food and you have to hunt down the items you can eat. They did also have gluten free and vegetarian options scattered throughout the menu, I just thought that the separate section was very considerate and nice of them. I finally, after a long debate with myself, decided on the vegan and gluten free French toast. Let me tell you, it was amazing. It comes with fresh berries and bananas on top, along with agave syrup. Personally I thought that the French toast was sweet and moist enough without the syrup, so I didn’t even use it, but I bet it would have added even more sweetness and goodness to the dish. I also got a cup of coffee, which by the way was really good, just in case you were wondering.

The café also had a selection of fresh juices that all sounded amazing, but unfortunately I didn’t get to try one out. The juice I was eyeing and ultimately decided not to get was the Pure Gold blend. It contained Pineapple, Carrot, Apple and Ginger, which sounded great and I still regret not getting it. I thought that this restaurant was great and I can’t wait to go back to try out more breakfast/brunch dishes and hopefully a few of their fresh juice blends.


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