Restaurant Snapshot: Bounty Kitchen Seattle, WA

I had the pleasure of going to Bounty Kitchen when I visited Seattle a few weeks ago. It was right next to the house I was staying in and I would see it every day when I would walk downtown. It caught my eye, but I never went in. Then, one day my brother and I stopped to read the menu; it looked great and there seemed to be quite a few gluten free and vegetarian/vegan options for me to choose from. We ended up going there for breakfast the next day; they are however open for lunch and dinner as well. When we got there I was pleasantly surprised by the décor and layout of the restaurant. It was very inviting. It felt very homey and reminded me of a country home kitchen.

The menus are on large clipboards and we took them out of a huge tin basket to our table to look over before going up to order at the front counter. The restaurant is a bit small, but it also had outdoor seating, which is great for these nice summer days. You order your food at the main counter and get a number to take to your table and they then deliver your food to you when it is done. There was a shelving unit that housed silverware, napkins, jugs of water and glasses that you grab for yourself. I thought that this was a unique way to set up the restaurant without it looking cluttered or cheap. I thought it was classy and well put together. After grabbing all the utensils we needed, we sat down at our table and began reading over the menu. All of the dishes had great and healthy ingredients, and most were organic as well, which was a nice surprise. The menu was small, but there were great options. They do serve all of their dishes all day long, so whatever you were in the mood for you could order. I noticed that they also had a very nice juice menu, which I was excited about, because who doesn’t love a good juice, am I right?

After several minutes of deliberation I decided to go with the millet porridge with hemp milk and fresh berries. This dish was gluten free and vegan, and not to mention delicious. I also had to try out a juice, so I went with the creamy dreamy orange, which included oranges, grapefruit, vanilla and carrots. It was very good and surprisingly creamy. Overall I thought that this was a unique and great concept for a restaurant, I enjoyed my meal and experience there, and wish that I could have gone back again to try one of their salads, which all sounded and looked amazing. Yes I peeked over at what the other customers had ordered, doesn’t everyone? I thought that the layout and décor of the restaurant paired well with the freshness and flavor of their organic and natural whole food ingredients.


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