The Many Ways You Can Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is like an all in one miracle product. I use it for so many different things and I’m sure there are about a thousand different uses for it that I haven’t figured out yet.

It seems the jar of coconut oil lasts forever. I feel like I use so much of it and then I look in the container and it’s still half full. I feel like my jars of coconut oil seem to be half full for 6 months, then all of a sudden it’s just gone, which is terrible, since I use it for almost everything.

I love using coconut oil as a moisturizer and that is probably my favorite way to use it, not to mention my most frequent. It is lightweight and very moisturizing and I love the smell of it. Like most oils, it does take a bit longer to soak into your skin than lotion does, but I find coconut oil to be a bit faster than other oils I have tried. I use it to moisturize my face, day and night, then as an arm and elbow moisturizer at night. Since I shower at night and would rather not have the oil get on my sheets, I use a lotion on my legs, but it would work great on legs as well.

Piggy backing off my last statement, coconut oil makes a great shaving cream. It is a bit messy and makes your shower a little slippery, but it leaves my legs feeling super soft and one of the cleanest shaves, with a shaving cream, that I’ve ever had.

A lot of people use coconut oil to remove their makeup and I do that as well, but I like to do it on a light makeup day. When I am going out at night or an event or something and am wearing more makeup, I like to use a cleanser to remove my makeup and then cleanse again, once I removed the makeup. I do this because I think that coconut oil is a bit messy and the more makeup I’m wearing the messier it is, so I just find it easier to only use coconut oil to remove a light day. This is just my personal preference; no matter how much or little makeup you have on, coconut oil will be able to remove it all.

You can also use coconut oil when you are oil pulling. I think it is one of the better tasting oils to pull with. I have tried olive oil and sesame oils and I definitely prefer coconut oil out of the three. I know that some people put the oil in their mouth and swish it around until it warms up and melt in your mouth, but I find that to feel weird so I just melt or stir the oil up a bit before putting in my mouth. I don’t oil pull on a regular basis but I am trying to make it a part of my regular routine and to do it more often.

You can also use coconut oil in your hair as a mask before you take a shower. To do this, just put it all over in your hair and let it sit for about a half an hour, then rinse it out in the shower. You may have to shampoo your hair a couple times to make sure that all of the oil got out, but it leaves your hair feeling really smooth and shiny. You can also put it on the ends of your hair to help moisturize and condition the ends.

You can also use coconut oil to cook with and can ingest it orally to help with weight loss, brain health, to combat heart disease and to help strengthen your immune system, plus so much more! Coconut oil has endless uses and health benefits and would be a great addition to both your pantry and your makeup bag.

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