The Benefits of Using Soy Candles



They are natural (a big reason for me personally) they are made from (shocker) soybeans, which is a vegetable oil and a renewable resource. Paraffin candles on the other hand are made from (a not so natural) petroleum by-product.

  • Paraffin candles also produce soot, which becomes airborne when burning the candle and can be inhaled. Soy candles burn “clean” and do not produce soot.
  • You will also be supporting more eco-friendly, and for the most part, smaller companies, as well as farmers, when you buy soy.
  • Soy wax burns at a cooler temperature than paraffin candles, which means that they will burn longer, about 30-50% longer to be semi-exact. Because soy burns at a lower temperature than Paraffin candles, they will not make your house warmer and are not as hot to the touch.

However you do need to be careful when purchasing your soy candles. Standardized labeling of soy candles is not enforced or regulated, so just be sure to do some research on the company you buy your candles from, or buy them from a local farmers market, where you know the ingredients are pure.

I buy most of my candles online from companies that I trust. With everything that we buy online these days I think it is perfectly fine to buy candles online as well.

I have also dabbled in making my own soy candles at home, which was fun, but tedious. It is however a great alternative if you are looking to save money and a several hour-long project.

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